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DOMA Defeated (by AdamTheAlien)

New video! My little sister, Jewell, and I attended a shindig in Portland on June 26th, celebrating the demise of DOMA after the Supreme Court’s ruling struck it down.

My little sister posing under the rainbow balloon arch at Oregon United for Marriage’s Supreme Court Day of Decision rally in Portland yesterday. When I first told her about DOMA being struck down and what that meant, she squee’d with delight, and pretty much didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day. #marriage #equality #marriageequality #DOMA #SCOTUS #NoH8 #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTIQ #Portland #Oregon #latergram #family

Yesterday, I went to Oregon United for Marriage’s shindig in Portland with my little sister (seen behind me) and my friend Chris. We got there as things were ending, but it was still nice to get out and celebrate the defeat of DOMA. I couldn’t get a wireless connection to work, or I would have uploaded photos live from the shindig. #marriage #equality #Portland #Oregon #DOMA #NoH8 #marriageequality #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTIQ #selfie #latergram #AdamTheAlien #fisheye

Here’s a rainbow to celebrate the day. I took this on June 17th, and posting it now to celebrate marriage equality on the federal level. #marriageequality #marriage #equality #rainbow #rainbows #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTIQ #latergram

I took this photo last year, at #Tacoma’s #Pride event, and I’m busting it out now to celebrate the Supreme Court striking down #DOMA and Prop 8. With all the depressing things going on in politics and the news this week, in the Supreme Court and elsewhere, I was preparing for the worst. I was and am so immensely happy when I discovered that #SCOTUS had moved our nation in a positive direction, I broke down in a combination of laughter and tears that would’ve made me look completely crazy if anyone had been around to see it. There’s still a long way to go, from striking down marriage inequality in states that have outlawed non-heterosexual marriage, including my home state of Oregon. That being said, this is an incredible leap forward.

You can view my video and photos from last year’s Pride event in Tacoma here:

Or just the video here:

Or you can just go out and celebrate!

#marriage #equality #marriageequality #Prop8 #NoH8 #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTIQ #news #latergram #nofilter


The Supreme Court made a million new best friends Wednesday. See the best photos

Fuck yes.

Read this. It’s beautiful. It’s a well-written blog by a straight, religious LGBT ally, directed to the church that she feels has alienated her and many others.

Also, you may want to read this GLAAD article, which follows up on the author, Dannika Nash, after the post gained popularity on the Internet. I’d like to quote this part, especially (the bolding is mine):

Nash’s blog post was not only widely shared and praised, but has also come at some personal cost. Since the letter was published, Nash has been fired from her summer job as a camp counselor. “I just cried in public,” she told the Sioux Falls Business Journal about hearing the news. “People probably thought (my boyfriend) was breaking up with me. The place and the people are really, really important to me, and even though I knew I was risking that a bit with the blog post, it hurt to have it taken away.

While she has had several job offers from other Christian camps, and from LGBT reconciliation organizations, Nash has yet to decide what she will do.

Nash, a straight ally, said that she will remain resolutely committed to marriage equality no matter the consequences.

I’ll leave it without any further comment, for now, but I intend to write more on this later.


GAAAH they’re adorable

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A majority of Senators now support the freedom to marry! Reblog this image to celebrate!