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#Constantine isn’t bi? #BiBlazer #BiConstantine

I’m a big fan of Hellblazer, and I thought the Constantine film was okay, but had nothing to do with the John Constantine of Hellblazer

The new, proposed series looks interesting. At least Constantine isn’t American (though I think he’s Welsh, not Newcastle). But NBC has clearly stated that one interesting aspect of Constantine’s character will be changed. 

Particularly as this is a group wildly underrepresented in media, I think it’s irresponsible to make that change. 

You don’t have to focus on a character’s sexual identity. That’s fine. But to outright rule it out and say, “So [maybe] 20 years from now” when we all know the series isn’t going to last that long (it’s not a soap opera or Doctor Who, after all) is just a big pile of dismissive crap.

Steve Oster [producer of DS9] - about 4.06 - Rejoined

That P.A. better have dropped that phone like a mic, because damn.

Boom goes the dynamite. Check and mate.

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Big news! A federal judge has ruled that Oregon’s ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional! Congrats Oregon!

I was having trouble expressing my reaction to this properly, earlier. Let’s try it with gifs. Sorrynotsorry for the excessive GIFing ahead.

I think that about sums up my feels as best as is possible, at the moment.


Oregon just became the 18th state to allow same-sex couples to marry!

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Still emotional. Gonna be emotional all day. All week. Probably longer. So happy. Neither words nor moticons cannot express these feels.

Oregon’s same-sex marriage ban has finally been struck down as unconstitutional! I lived here and voted against the damn thing when it was first proposed, and it’s been a black mark against my beloved homeland ever since.

So I’m really emotional right now, and thinking this is a pretty freaking good time to be alive. I lived up in Washington when we won marriage equality there by popular vote. Then I moved back to Oregon, where the fight was still happening, and got the first sign of real progress when DOMA was struck down on the federal level. Now the state’s ban is struck down, and I’m an emotional wreck in all the best ways.


The names for the for-and-against gay marriage groups are confusing.

There’s the National Organization for Marriage (anti), and then Oregon United for Marriage (pro!)

Can’t we just have like, “Yay Gay” and”Nay Gay” groups?




Here’s his why-is-this-so-tough-for-y’all-to-grasp moment of explaining that you do not magically become un-bisexual despite being in a monogamous relationship:

"I have a healthy sexual appetite and a healthy imagination," Cumming told the magazine. "I still define myself as a bisexual even though I have chosen to be with Grant. I’m sexually attracted to the female form even though I am with a man and I just feel that bisexuals have a bad rap.”

I just want to say that in all the time I’ve known he was queer, I’ve only ever heard Alan Cumming described as gay until this moment, WHY PEOPLE, WHY DO YOU DO THIS?

In other news, god, my love for him just continues to grow and grow.

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"No you cant you’re 7" I laughed but this is wonderful

I love this!!!!

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This is a real article. Not by the Onion.

Somebody actually said these things and wrote these words.

I…. what.

It’s hilarious, but remember that just because something’s not in The Onion doesn’t prevent it from being satire. If you click the link, and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see that “humor” and “satire” are the keywords for the article. It also says, as part of the article, “Get news satire from The Borowitz Report delivered to your inbox.” It’s right there at the end (conveniently cut off by whoever screencapped this).

The Borowitz Report is a regular column in which Andy Borowitz delivers Onion-style satire. It is never actual news. It is always satire. Really funny, really effective satire, but still not real news with real quotes.

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