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During the intermission of last night’s “Wil Wheaton vs. Paul & Storm” shindig at Portland’s Alberta Rose Theatre, I made the requisite trip to the restroom. While preparing my bladder for the second half of the show, I glanced up to read the assorted show posters around me.

There, standing me right in the face, were a pair of googly eyes attached to the poster right above the toilet. I must say, this was not a thing I expected to experience while relieving myself. I probably should have, given that Anne Wheaton was there, and I’d been introduced to her Vandal Eyes project during the Project for Awesome, when she applied as many as she could to her husband’s face during the livestream. (Wil then went on to give a touching, eloquent talk about mental health and how depression and anxiety had affected him. I think, somehow, it was all the more inspiring that he said all that while his face was covered in googly eyes.)

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