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If you read this from the bottom up, you can watch Donald Trump’s rapid descent into madness tonight.

And here’s the tweet he deleted, where he calls for a revolution:

My thoughts:

  • I’m willing to bet he didn’t react this way when Bush lost the popular vote, but still “won.” Also, he started going off way too early; the popular vote takes a while to get counted! And oh, guess what? Obama’s ahead in both popular AND electoral, now.
  • I love his saying, “Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before.” I love this for two reasons: 1) The redundancy is hilarious (“unprecedented…like never before”), and 2) The degree to which he inflates Obama winning is ridiculous. Which brings me to…
  • He keeps pointing out how our nation is divided. This is, sadly, true. But…it still would be, no matter who won. I also can’t help but chuckle that when he sees a nation that is “totally divided,” his answer is to march on Washington, start a revolution, and generally cause more division.

Oh, Trump. You so crazy. Does anybody actually take you seriously, anymore? I’m pretty sure even the birther crowd is starting to distance themselves from you.

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    is an idiot, and even more so for thinking that it did any good whatsoever to delete it after hundreds of thousands of...
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    He has a point about “our nation is totally divided,” though. We may consider this having a meltdown, but I remember...
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    So can we charge ol’ Donald with treason now? I’d love to see his swanky ass in jail trying to boss people around by...
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    I had the… ‘pleasure’ of seeing...meltdown in real time. It is a somewhat impressive...
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    The world is not laughing at America. In fact this is probably the first time in a decade when we haven’t been laughing...
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    Donald Trump’s tweets during the election yesterday. I don’t why, but I can’t shake this feeling that he’s upset.
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