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Welcome to Aunt Valerie

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Part of the Family Reunion premise.




Combined with the notion that Doctor Who’s River Song is really Ms. Frizzle, I am now mentally combining the worlds of Magic School Bus, Doctor Who, and Welcome To Night Vale.

And you know what?

It totally works.

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u better watch ur fucking skeletone

What a fitting way to begin this fall.


u better watch ur fucking skeletone

What a fitting way to begin this fall.

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Karen Gillan outside GMA Studios - September 29th 2014

Oh hey. I have that exact sweater.

I was even wearing it in the much-maligned Fedoras Are Awesome video.


Karen Gillan outside GMA Studios - September 29th 2014

Oh hey. I have that exact sweater.

I was even wearing it in the much-maligned Fedoras Are Awesome video.

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It’s sad from this poster, we know exactly what happened.

this makes me so angry

Whenever I hear people defending rapists by making excuses such as 'they lead them on' or 'did you see what they were wearing' I casually interrupt them and ask if 'my six-year-old-self was asking for it by simply wearing a uniform to school?'.

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I fucking quit

i hate art

"where’s your homework"


1) It’s a hoax; a satire story created by some radio comedians.

2) It’s been done before. Many times, in many ways. The idea of “invisible art” or a blank canvas or an empty room has been done to death since before most of us on Tumblr were born (and I’m nearly 30, so I’m not just talking about teens here).

3) The interesting thing about art is that it’s art if someone says it’s art…and if they can get someone to agree with them? Then I truly think it becomes art. When people actually do (and yes, they do, this hoax aside) devote attention to and pay money for a blank canvas, an empty room, or “invisible art” of some sort, they elevate it to art. It becomes performance art, because people are watching. It becomes the art of social experimentation, by way of seeing what people will accept if you tell them, “This is art. This is a fact.” And the fact that we know have people falling for and truly believing in a hoax that was intended to satirize that kind of art? Now that is some art I can dig. XD

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5 years ago today, I woke up for the first time in a home I’d fallen in love with. Weeks later, it would be condemned. In one night, I’d fallen in love with the people and the place. I knew I’d found the right home. It was a somewhat dorm-style artist’s collective, and it was the perfect balance of independence and community. It put me in the center of things, inspired me, and had all kinds of potential. It was everything I wanted in a home. I’ve never found that since. I try to live in the present, but sometimes I wonder just how differently the last five years would have gone if this particular situation hadn’t suddenly dissolved out from under me. In my weakest moments, and during my most vivid nightmares, I’m still haunted by the memory of coming home to signs on the door informing me I (and everyone else in the building) no longer had a home. #BittersweetMemories #memories #flashback #Timehop #Tacoma #Washington





Okay, yes, NOW it is time for skeletons and dancing pumpkins. It wasn’t when I started seeing them several months ago. But now is the appropriate time, and I shall gladly join in your madcap shenanigans.

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lol this fandom will do logical backflips to justify twelve repeatedly calling clara ugly/fat/etc but danny has one poorly-worded line that boils down to “if you keep lying to me i will have to break up with you” and people decide they hate him forever and he’s abusive



(Honestly at this point I’m seeing more “Oh the fandom is freaking out so much about what Danny said” than “Oh Danny is so abusive”. I don’t think we’re actually doing the backflips as much as people are thinking….)

I spend a lot of time in the Doctor Who tag. I’m not hallucinating. Danny’s been called all manner of things since “The Caretaker” aired — manipulative, abusive, useless, “another Mickey” even though literally all he has in common with Mickey is that they are both black, people have freaked out that he “yelled at Twelve in his home” like Twelve didn’t spend the entire fucking episode harassing Danny at work for no reason.

Meanwhile all season long there’s been various posts trying to explain away why Twelve is justified in things like his totally irrational and inexplicable hatred of soldiers (which incidentally has been directed most notably at two black people, well done there, everyone) and multiple people have even argued that him insulting Clara is meant to be ~empowering~~~ because supposedly it tells girls you can still have value even if you’re ugly. You know, you just have to put up with your supposed BFF reminding you how ugly you are every five minutes.

I’m enjoying Capaldi’s Doctor on a lot of levels (the ones Capaldi has more sway over, really)…but yeah, it feels kind of like Moffat’s responding to the criticism of Eleven constantly swaggering in and forcing kisses on unwilling women by going in the “Ew, girls are grooooossss and ugly!” direction. We’ve swung from one stereotype of immaturity when dealing with the opposite sex to the other major immaturity stereotype.

I’m also baffled by The Doctor’s utter hatred of soldiers, when he’s worked with soldiers oh so often. He also just came to terms, in the anniversary episode, with his own warrior past. I mean, The Doctor’s always had kind of a snide, looking-down-his-nose impression of soldiers…but he’s always kind of had that with everyone. He has a very large ego. But even while he was telling people not to salute and insulting militaristic ways, he was very good friends with a lot of soldiers.

I really enjoyed The Caretaker specifically because of Danny calling out the bullshit. Not only did he see the dark aspects of The Doctor and not sugarcoat them, but the whole demanding not to be lied to thing? That’s not abusive. None of us should ever stay with people who are lying to us, especially consistently. Lying is not a healthy basis for a relationship.

We, as viewers, understanding the extraordinary lives of companions, can rationalize and understand Clara’s decision to keep these secrets from Danny. But now look at it from a different perspective: you’ve just found out your significant other has been leading a double life, and lying through their teeth to you about it the whole time. In real life, relationships don’t tend to survive (at least healthily survive) big, fat, ongoing lies like that. That Danny’s staying with her at all is showing an amazing amount of dedication to trying to make the relationship work, and a good amount of understanding that this was an extraordinary situation. But asking to never be lied to again? That makes sense. That’s healthy.

Again, think on it…if your significant other had been keeping a whole other life from you for as long as you’d known each other, wouldn’t you tell them to not do it again? Especially if they’re lying about their own well-being? If they can’t talk to you about that, then the relationship has issues. And ultimately, in a relationship, secrets like that are detrimental to both parties. Relationships are about trust, and intimacy, and realizing that nothing you do affects only you.

Clara was trying to be the adventurous superhero and the mild-mannered teacher, and keep those lives separate. There’s nothing wrong with that, when she’s on her own. But when she invites someone else into her life, and only deigns to show him half of that life, while a huge and major aspect of her life and personality remains a closely-held secret…that’s selfish, and not even remotely healthy in a relationship with someone she claims to love. Just casually dating? Not really that interested? Okay, then you’d keep your secret side. I could see that. But she said she loves him. At that point, the secrets (especially the big ones) only drive a wedge between them. And while still having some secrets is fine and dandy, outright lying is a relationship killer, whether you’re The Doctor’s companion or not.

How I used and ranked my social networks three years ago. #Timehop #SocialNetworking

Saw @a_quiet_light perform at The White Eagle last night in #Portland. She’s always incredible, but last night was especially epic. #PDX #Oregon #music #StarAnna #nofilter (at The White Eagle)